Group Trip Travel Planning Deposit

Group Trip Travel Planning Deposit

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Need help securing that next group getaway? Look no further! With this package you get the following:

1. Free 15 minute travel consult.

2. Hotel and lodging research for up to two destinations.

3. Custom Itinerary with up to three revisions.

4. Custom Trip payment plan for each participant  via a secure portal.

This package is ideal for clients who know they have a group trip idea, but don't know where to begin. These trips can include retreats, family reunions, girls trips, guy getaways, bachelorette/bachelor parties etc.


Things to note:

This is a deposit. Once your vacation is selected a $25.00 fee will be added to each persons balance.

A group trip consist of 5 or more people going to the same destination.

An additional $25 will be added if more than 2 origin airports are required and that will will be added on an individual basis.

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